2018 Meeting Presentation Suggestions


1. Mixed Media; Wood and Stain Glass or Wood and something else
2. Building Cabinets
3. Turning inside out projects
4. French Polishing (Shellac)
5. Automated Woodworking CNC projects
6. Building a Bow (Archery)
7. Turning Open Bowls (Imperfect bowls)
8. Milling Wood, Milling your own lumber
9. Musical woodworking
10. applying a finish to project-  How to prep the wood.  What is best to clean years of dust and dirt from a piece before you apply new finish?
11.  techniques of sharpening tools.    Chisels, hand plane blades, circular saw blades.
12. Tools & jigs for joinery and decoration
13. Techniques – demos of furniture projects
14. Workshops – New School house (Burritt) – Help set up tech room
15. Field trips to exhibits, shows, lumberyard.
16. Guest speakers, e.g. Roy Underhill.
17. Bandsaw or Scroll Saw Boxes
18. Finishing
19. Wood Burning – Lichtenberg Figure
Card Scraper Sharpening, Using
20. Is “Using only hand tools” really only using hand tools?  A Chainsaw brought the tree down
21. If no presentation, make a detailed show-n-tell.  More than I turned this bowl.  A complete step by step of project 
22. Joinery – mortise and tenon
23. Joinery – dovetails
24. Making outdoor furniture
25. Bandsaw  techniques – re-sawing, circle cutting, etc.