The June Meeting was held on 6/9/15 with a Picnic before the regular scheduled meeting.

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June Meeting 2015 – Epoxy Inlays

One of our members, Michael Fricke, presented to us  Epoxy Inlays.  Please see photos and description provided by Michael below.  The members seemed to enjoy and learn much from Michael!  Great Job on Presentation!

Epoxy Inlay

This is a simple method to produce inlay patterns with a modest investment in equipment and materials with eye-pleasing results. The 30 minute demonstration will include pattern transfer and then carving using a hand held rotary tool. Once the carving has been completed, the piece is prepared for the epoxy inlay by coating with two layes of a clear spray lacquer. The next step involves mixing and coloring of the epoxy and then adding the epoxy into the grooves of the pattern. The final step involves removal of excess epoxy with a mortising chisel followed by sanding and laquering to finish the piece.

Several Members brought Show and Tell!  Members look forward to Show and Tell and learning from other members!